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Fort Steel Sdn Bhd

Fort Steel is an associate company of OSM (Overseametal Sdn Bhd) under the OVERSEA GROUP. Incorporated in 2014, Fort Steel factory has a built up area of 6000m2 and is located in a central location in Johor Bahru with easy accessibility to major highways, thereby ensuring that Fort Steel is able to serve their customers efficiently.

Fort Steel is involved in the building & construction industry. The founder of Fort Steel, Mr Vincent Phun is the managing director of OSM who has been in the roofing industry for almost twenty years. Over the years, he has managed to develeop Fort Steel in the industry as the leading manufacturer of light weight steel roof truss in Johor region. 

The number of years of experiences and accomplishments in the roofing industry will be the platform for Fort Steel’s greater future achievements ahead.